Providing Plumbing Services to Spokane Washington for Over Fifty Years


Walk into a department store in Spokane Valley, a grocery store in Coeur d’Alene, a convenience store, hair salon, newpaper office, gas station, pizza parlor, fine dining restaurant, bowling alley or any number of residential homes in Spokane, Rockford, Nine Mile Falls or Ritzville and you may very well be witnessing Faucets ‘n Stuff plumbing at work.

Faucets ‘n Stuff Plumbing began in Spokane Valley fifty years ago as a small shop owned and operated by Harvey Anderson. At that time, the main store was on Sprague Avenue. Harvey attended the same local church as the Wagoners, and it just so happened that Harvey was looking to sell his business at the time the Wagoners were looking to buy.

The name Faucets ‘n Stuff speaks to our company’s grass roots beginnings. Though we’ve talked from time to time about changing the name to something more flashy, like “Silver Star Plumbing,” we’ve stayed with the name that links us to our history in Spokane and surrounding areas.

Faucets ‘n Stuff Plumbing – Spokane Plumbers

  • Rob Wagoner
    Rob Wagoner

    Rob Wagoner is the youngest of the brothers who are partners in Faucets ‘n Stuff Plumbing, Spokane. He grew up in the business, helping customers in the store when he turned 16. He is an excellent troubleshooter. In fact, he’s never found a problem he can’t reason through and fix. Rob has an ability to make a hard job look easy. Besides being a licensed journeyman plumber in Washington State and Idaho, he is licensed for gas piping in Washington. He also has an AA degree from Spokane Community College in cabintery, which he puts to good use in our new construction and remodeling work. He has an eye for detail and beauty. Rob has developed a loyal following, and many customers phone and ask for him by name.

    Rob spends his off time with his wife and two children. He enjoys hiking, bow hunting and camping.

  • Rick Wagoner
    Rick Wagoner

    Rick Wagoner is the oldest of the brothers who are partners in Faucets ‘n Stuff Plumbing. In addition to being a licensed journeyman plumber in Washington State & Idaho and having his gas piping license in Washington, he is a licensed backflow tester in Washington & Idaho. His expertise in backflow testing is put to good use as a part-time proctor for backflow testers for the State of Washington. Rick also winterizes sprinkler systems during the month of October, blowing as much water out of the underground systems as is humanly possible. During the spring and summer months, Rick loves to repair sprinkler systems. He has loyal customers who prefer him to solve their plumbing problems and interior designers who recommend him as the best plumber-contractor to their own customers for remodels.

    When he’s not plumbing, Rick spends time with his wife, four children, and seven grandchildren. He enjoys riding his Harley motorbike along the remote highways of Washington and Idaho. He also runs a volunteer ski patrol program at one of the local mountains.

  • Dennis Wagoner
    Dennis Wagoner

    Dennis Wagoner is the father and senior partner of Faucets ‘n Stuff plumbing. He bought the business 30 years ago, having plumbed for others prior to owning Faucets ‘n Stuff. He has so much enthusiasm for helping customers with their plumbing problems, that his sons caught the passion from him and soon joined the family business. Currently, he is semi-retired, working as needed to help folks keep their plumbing in tip top shape.

    He is an avid backpacker and has made trips into most of the major wildernesses of the American West. He is happiest when spending time with his family–his wife, three sons, one daughter, nine grandchildren, seven great-grandchildren, and two border collies.

  • Mike Wagoner
    Mike Wagoner

    Mike Wagoner is the middle brother/partner of Faucets ‘n Stuff Plumbing. He was the first brother to start working in the family business, and he helped develop the Wagoner’s partnership of Faucets ‘n Stuff Plumbing. As well as being a licensed journeyman plumber in Washington State and Idaho, and having his gas piping license for Washington, he has his plumbing contractor license for the state of Idaho. He also is a great problem solver. It’s almost as if he’s able to see inside walls and anticipate what he might find inside the wall before looking inside. One customer phoned with a leaky pipe in his wall and requested a skinny plumber who was able to squeeze inside the wall. Mike volunteered to go and he was able to solve the problem without cutting holes in the wall. Like his brothers, he has loyal customers who are willing to wait so he can fix their plumbing.

    Mike enjoys spending time with his wife and two children. He has spent many years teaching skiing to young people. He loves to spend time on the water, boating and swimming, and he has an interest in landscaping.

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